No Recap Yet, But Here's Tiggy

Posted by Invizzle fo' shizzle on October 6, 2012 at 11:40 PM Comments comments (1)

   So my unlucky ass has STILL not watched "Stolen Huffy" and normally I have a recap and my rantings up by now. So sorry about that shit.  Since we're all so worried about our TIggy, here's him in Before the Anarchy. 

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Oh Butts, We're All Fucked!

Posted by Invizzle fo' shizzle on September 28, 2011 at 9:45 PM Comments comments (0)

    Before all you gross little perverts get excited, I'm not talking about anyone's butt in particular,  so don't start foaming at the mouth and doing a bunch of crazy shit. I just watched "Una Venta". In fact I finished it less than five minutes ago, and I do not like where SAMCRO is headed, ladies and germs. The episode of course was amazing, as they always are, but the direction in which our beloved charter of SoA is headed has me really fucking nervous, and there are so many things going through my mind right now about the shit I just saw, I don't even know where to begin, dude. 

   Since the beginning of this season, two of my favorite characters (or shall I say former favorite) have been rapidly climbing to the top of my shit list. The first one is Gemma. Now, I know that those of you who bought the "WWGD" t-shirts are probably flipping me the bird right now, but Gemma's desperation to cover up what happened to JT after discovering that Tara's got those fucking letters is going to get people killed. Personally, I have three words to describe the death of John Teller and those are "no great loss". I'm sorry but any man who abandons his dying son so that he can go impregnate a 19-year-old in Ireland when he is like 50-fucking-4 is not a good guy. I don't give a shit what good things Piney (who is so biased) has to say about him, nothing is going to make me like the ghost of that fucker. All Gemma has to fucking say to Jax is that she was gonna pull a Loreena Bobbit on that unfaithful  motherfucker  but decided to take it a few steps further and Jax would totally back that shit. There would be no need to get in Clay's ear and start the total shit storm that we all know is coming. Now Clay is the other one that is almost to the top of my shit list (RON PERLMAN RULES). Jesus, Clay, what the fuck is wrong with him? I used to love Clay and now he's scaring the shit out of me. I think I'm going to go with demon possession as the cause of his current meanness and he has the devil inside him. Kind of like this:

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    I know that Clay's hands  hurt and blah blah blah and he's trying to make as much cash before he can get the gold watch, but dude, I'm ready for him not to be prez no mo'. I'm backing Bobby for that shit. I think Bobby would be a stellar president, and with his moral gangster compass he will get SAMCRO and the rest of SoA back on the right path.  Bobby is one wise motherfucker. Like an owl or something.

      Seriously though they need to make Bobby president yesterday because there is some grim fucking shit coming up for SAMCRO and Clay is only gonna fuck it up more. It looks like all the pieces are in place for a fucking RICO case thanks to the new US Attorney ( I actually like that dude, he's cunning and he has way more personality than stinky stanky Stahl) and he has some very interesting ways of putting it all in motion. With the different aliases he has for each member of the SAMCRO family that he comes in contact with, I'm surprised he hasn't got a disguise for each one. If he did have disguises, that would actually make me love that character. I also want to see more of the cop's wife. I like the little exchange she had with Gemma, and the fact that she took the money shows me that the wifey might be SAMCRO's ticket to persuading her law dog husband to go over to the dark side and get on Sons' payroll.

     In site news, I'm still uploading the pics from Dorylus, and I'll start on the Una Venta ones ASAP. You'll notice that there's a lack of Happy in those pics but be patient, weirdos, I'm working on it. I will not disappoint, I promise.  Anyway, here's the promo for the episode for next week. As you can see, we are headed straight for the eye of a total fucking shit storm. With all the terrible things are bound to happen in this fourth season of Sons of Anarchy, everything looks so hopeless, it's going to be pretty amazing to see what Kurt Sutter and his team of kick ass writers do to make it possible for there to be another three seasons. 

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Happy Birthday!

Posted by Invizzle fo' shizzle on January 5, 2011 at 10:41 AM Comments comments (5)

I would like t wish a very happy birthday to our own mod, Baelee. I hope you have a wonderful day, Baelee and that you get everything that you want! You know how much we love you!  

Kim Coates also had a birthday on Sunday,so Tignation is wishing a very happy birthday to him!


Posted by Invizzle fo' shizzle on October 4, 2010 at 5:58 PM Comments comments (4)

      I wonder how long it took every single one of those little piggies to say "wee wee wee" all the way through Mr. Tiger's digestive system after that photographer left. You know that's what happened. You're probably sitting there wondering what the fuck bacon, piggies and tigers have  to do with SOA or TIgnation. Well, what I have for you guys is like bacon but better; new pics! We have  some pictures from Tina Lou (fist bump) from Wounded Warriors. Thank you very much Lovely Tina for letting us use those pics! *smooch*. The other new pictures of the cast of SOA were provided to us by Ron Starrantino, so a very big thank you to him and it was very nice to meet him, if I may say so.

   If you guys get the chance, I want you to tackle hug Boomshine for taking the screen shots for 3.04. She did an amazing job, as always. I love you, sexy Boomer, in THAT way *winks*. I tried to take screenshots and failed miserably. I couldn't stop growling at Jax. Spoiler Alert: he was being very not cool to Tigger. Not cool at all. There's a line and he crossed it. There's no getting back across the line to safety without having at least some scratches from me. I hope they get infected. Mean little shit. 

'Bout Fuckin' Time!

Posted by Invizzle fo' shizzle on September 24, 2010 at 11:05 AM Comments comments (0)

   After seeming to have taken my sweet assed time, I have finally posted the screenshots for "Caregiver". They're  in the usual spot. Now excuse me while I go and sulk about having to go to work tonight. I don't wanna. Oh, and I've been wanting to add some new shit to the gallery too, but my internet's being a douche, so I'm gonna have to wait a little bit. 

   Now, who's excited about 3.04? Yeah I though you would be. Maybe these screenshots I've posted will hold you over until Tuesdays, when we get more Sons. It's like an incurable itch, folks, it only stops bothering us for an hour a week. 

And They're Up

Posted by Invizzle fo' shizzle on September 9, 2010 at 5:55 PM Comments comments (3)

    First of all, Tignation is a website that fucking loves monkeys. Just the cute ones like the one you see in the picture though, not those mean motherfuckers with the red asses and the sharp teeth. No thank you to those scary bastards. 

   The reason the monkey is lookin' so smug with his thumb up and everything is because I have been productive today (cough cough that's a first cough cough) and I went and uploaded the first screenshots for season 3.  As a matter of fact, they're still uploading. Go me!  Remember when I said I wasn't gonna divide them up by character this year? *points down at last blog post * Well I stuck to that, and you can find all the new screen shots in the Season 3 Screenshots album. Enjoy, you silly fuckers, enjoy. I love you. No really, I do.

Season 3 Premiere Pics are up!

Posted by Invizzle fo' shizzle on September 1, 2010 at 1:25 PM Comments comments (2)

A couple of nights ago, the cast of Sons of Anarchy had their premiere party and we've got pictures! You can see them in the gallery in the Album Cast and Crew. Special thanks to Tasha Knowles  and Tina Lou for letting us use 'em. Tignation loves you guys!  I'll be adding more as the day progresses. This is my first real day back at Tignation. I've missed you all! Feels like it's been a  long ass time since I've been here or done anything for the site! Working nights can suck like that. Keeps you away from your friends and shit.

Also, be sure and go out and buy your season 2 DVD of SOA, if you haven't already. If you haven't picked it up yet, don't feel bad, I didn't buy it yet either. I just looked in my wallet and saw that I don't even have enough money for Taco Bell which is dirt cheap because, ahem, nevermind, anyone who's eaten that toxic waste knows what I'm talking about. There's even a song about it involving bushes, hills and ladders. 


Posted by Invizzle fo' shizzle on August 27, 2010 at 11:30 AM Comments comments (6)

          We've got a little over one week left before SOA comes back on. Do you know what that means! WATCH PARTIES! I've gotten a lot of complaints over the summer about how the chat room where we used to hold such watch parties was D-E-A-D and I have to agree with those who pointed that out  to me. It was very very very fucking dead and we have to revive it. Or at least make undead and have it walk around aimlessly looking for body parts to snack on. If you want to go in there and be a part of the watch parties, the password to get into the chat room is TIGNATION. Dude, that's like really hard to remember. 

Don't forget, we have SOA watch parties for Eastern/Central times and then there's one later on for all those who live out in California. 


In Case We Have Forgotten...

Posted by Invizzle fo' shizzle on July 20, 2010 at 6:51 PM Comments comments (0)

We are smack dab in the middle of summer and the heat is making us lazy and forgetful, so I've decided that it's time to remind you fellas about some website and SOA shit. We've also got to inform the newly joined of this shit too so let's fire away:


  • We have a chat room as you can plainly see, and if you have already clicked on that either forgot what the password is, or you've never had a fucking clue what it is, it's TIGNATION. During the regular season of Sons of Anarchy we have watch parties during the airings of Sons of Anarchy. There's one for Eastern and Central time and there's one later for Pacific time. The watch parties are held in that there chat room. I am also hoping that more and more people will start going to the chat room. It's a great place to get to know people and make friends so hopefully I'll get to go in there myself and hang with those who want to go in. 
  • For those of you new people, we have a forum. You can see it in the menu on the left hand side of your screen. Yes, it does ask that you make a separate login to join that forum, no it does not cost you any money to join just like here, and yes it is very well worth it, because you join you'll have a place to talk about SOA with people who are as addicted to the show as you are. Believe me, there are probably a few of us who were approached by the guys who do that show Intervention asking us if we wanted to take part in a documentary about addiction, you'll be in  good company. 
  • Sons of Anarchy Season 2 DVD & BluRay comes out on August 31st so be sure to grab yourself a copy as fast as you can, preorder it if you have to, because I would hate to hear that one of y'all is in jail 'cause you had to choke a bitch to get your mitts on a copy.
  • If you take a look at the Links section of the site, you will see that we have a Facebook Group, we've a Facebook profile, a Myspace page and a Twitter Account, so be sure to join us, friend us and follow us.  

       Well chirruns, that pretty much sums it up. We hope to see you in the chat room, on the forum, and on Facebook.  

We've got a date!

Posted by Invizzle fo' shizzle on July 15, 2010 at 3:56 PM Comments comments (9)

   No, we're not going out on an actual date, despite all the times we've tried to sign up for eHarmony. We're talking about an air date for the premiere of SOA season 3, and that's far more important than marriage, children or love everlasting! The air date is *drumroll please* 

SEPTEMBER SEVENTH!  So make damn sure we mark our calendars!  I've inserted a countdown clock in the right sidebar.  

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