It's Over Now The S5 Finale. Sigh

Posted by Cat on December 6, 2012 at 12:40 AM

One of my favorite lines from 'Phantom of the Opera' by Andrew Lloyod Weber is 'It's over now, the music of the night', in case all y'all are wonderin' why that line is so familiar. . .

First, and foremost, Tig survived! I gave up tryin' to figure out where Sutter is goin' with the series and just enjoyin' the ride. Everytime I think - as a writer - that I know where he's goin', he throws a curve ball. During the first airin', when that scene came up, I was on the edge of me seat, and nearly stopped breathin'. It SO looked like Jax was sellin' Tig out for a maintenance contract and a house for Lyla and Opie's kids (and her kid)! Then Jaxass goes to save the day. Can't blame Tig for bein' upset by Jaxass waitin' til the last moment to do so. . .what IF Pope hadn't taken his time???? Tig gettin' to pull the trigger on Pope, especially aftere the prejuidicial comment Pope made about Dawn/Marguax, was poetic justice in my book. The fact that it was Clay's gun, and the only prints that would be on it would be Clay's (Tig, Jaxass and Juice used gloves to handle it) is even more poetic and shows to me just how betrayed Tig felt by Clay.

So, yes, I'm relieved! The pit bull fighting has some of the FB/Twitter community's drawers in a wad over the animal abuse. I loved Rippin-Kitten's tweet that there wasn't such a hue and cry over Gem's holdin' a gun to a baby's head in S3! My take on it is that most people don't see or know just how vicious dog fightin' can be. Sutter went ballz to the wall to put that out for all to see what it really is. And unfortunately, when a pit - or any other dog - doesn't perform as well as it should've, the owner WILL outright kill it. Tig's reaction not just to the wounded dog's fate, but to the dead dogs is one of those reasons we love him.

Otto is one sick fuck. Who would've guessed that he'd bite off his own tongue so he wouldn't have to give a statement? And takin' that piece of meat and throwin' it at the window where Torric was watchin'? Talk about one showin' defiance? Wowser. More on this in a minute.

Wendy seemed a little rocky from the speedball Jax gave her. That was a nasty ass bruise on her shoulder, and Tara needs to take that into consideration somewhere down the road. I hope that the fact this was intramuscular as opposed to intravenous doesn't make Wendy go off the wagon.

I had to wonder why in Hell Chucky would take the gift basket from Tara/Jax's house to the garage. He had to know that Gemma would get curious! When I heard him say it had perishables, it kinda made a little more sense. Unfortunately, this set the stage for two fierce mothers to go to combat. Tara stood up to Gemma, but Gemma struck back as only Gemma can. Thank Gawd she didn't have a skateboard!

Was anyone else a little let down that we didn't see much Mayan action this season? Especially Alvarez. But it was great seein' the Mayan Calvary come to the rescue in the showdown between SAMCRO, Nero's group, and Dante's group. Let's hope for more Alvarez next season, eh?

Bobby has withdrawn from bein' VP, but is still in the club. This was kinda inevitable. He was not happy with Jaxass' behavior and removin' the VP patch was his best way of showin' it. Bobby's line to Jaxass about havin' the potential to be better than Clay was right on the money. The gavel is not what distorts a person, it's the secrets one keeps from his crew that distorts.

Both Clay and Tara were brought to the pinnacle of hope for a new start, only to be plummeted into the valley of dispair and arrested. I actually felt sympathy for Clay. He knew he'd fucked up last season (a few weeks ago in SOA time), but the only thing he really seemed to regret was losing Gemma. Both she and Juice gave him up; Gemma by out and out lying to Eli about Clay's whereabouts, and juice by stayin' silent. Gemma has really gotten her revenge for the smack down. Clay is now a marked man; Pope's successor has put the $5 million bounty on Clay's head, and he's going to be basically unprotected. Is he emotionally broken so that he'll be glad for Death? As for Tara, she was all set for Providence, only to be arrested on a murder warrant for her part in Pamela Torric's murder by Otto.

Now, there are two possibilities as to who spilled the beans. The popular thought is that Gemma contacted the investigators at Stockton and told her tale. My DH brought up another possibility; that Otto gave a written statement naming Tara as his co - conspirator. Granted, Otto can't talk, but he did say that Sons live, Redwood bleeds. Somehow, I don't see just killin' the nurse was the only bleedin' goin' on. What better revenge against the club than havin' the current Prez' old lady go down for murder?

So we end the season with a tableau very nearly like the ending last Season. In this case, Jax is sitting at the kitchen table with his son, the legal papers re: the kids, the houses, and the life insurance policy are torn in half in front of him. Gemma walks in after seein' Tara in the back seat of the police cruiser, touches the kid first, then places her hand on Jax's left shoulder (Tara's hand went over the right shoulder). Interestin' juxtaposition.

Like any pregnancy, it's gonna be a LONG 9 months before Season 6. Anyone else gettin' weird cravin's?

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Reply boomshine87
4:28 PM on December 5, 2012 
I just ... I just need a minute. and a cigarette.
Reply Rain
5:38 PM on December 5, 2012 
Still speechless. But I hav to say something about the dig-fights. i love that Sutter showed that. loved to see the dog still being sweet with Tig after all the bad things that happened to her. So amazing pets.
And the dogs were well trained. Must be hard to train a dog to stage a fight for a tv show.
And veryobe talking about animal abuse: they weren't abused on the show, the show just staged it. But it happens in the real world! So open your eyes and try protecting dogs there!

by the way: I have one ;) you can see her there:
Reply DS
6:53 PM on December 5, 2012 
I read an interview with Coates and he said those dogs were brother and sister and if you watch it without sound, you can see they were playing. Tig should take his new girl to someone who can help her get past the dog fighting abuse.

There are three people who could have ratted Tara out. Gemma, Lee Toric and Jax himself. Gem could have told Jax that Tara was planning to leave him and then he gave another anonymous tip to the cops.

I think Tara is going to get free of the charges and that will lead to Lee coming to Charming and going after Tara and the club. I see Tara a shell of her former self (how annoying are those scenes going to be).
If Gemma was the one who delivered on her threat, she isn't a fierce mother, she's a ruthless bitch.

I do wonder how far the Irish reach goes. I don't see Clay getting wacked by Pope's men.

And is it bad that both scenes between Jax and Tig and Jax and Juice I was waiting for full on tongue on tongue action? So much Ho yay.
Reply Cat
3:41 AM on December 6, 2012 
A thought occurred tp me while watchin' the last run tonight/this AM. The guys all played into Jax's scheme with Stahl in S3. Yet, this time around, Jax doesn't tell Tig one thing about pretendin' to give him over to Pope. C'mon, Jaxass! Y'all enjoyed makin' Tig sweat to make him feel what Ope felt in jail!
Reply DS
5:00 AM on December 6, 2012 
Methinks that back in season 3, Clay had some say into what Jax was doing. There was a vote so a plan was hatched. This time around, Jax was being an asshole and a bit Godlike. I'm not going to tell you cause I want you to know who I am and what I can do.

And I thing I've been thinking on, especially after reading and la times interview, talking about the violence on the show and it being one of the most violent shows on tv. I know I've complained about the mindless violence. I'm watching Spartacus, yet again...I'm such a whore for the show, and all that show is is sex and violence. Compare the both and SOA is tame.
Veering off that road but could you imagine Clay telling Juice "remove cock from ass and set to fucking purpose"And that's why this chick hates it when she can't sleep at night
Reply boomshine87
3:25 PM on December 6, 2012 
The biggest shock for me is that Tara got arrested. i feel sorry for her. And Otto gnawing off his own tongue made me squirm a little.

I was almost yelling at Tig to get those assholes who arranged the dog fights - I know it was fake but I don't think i've felt such a strong surge of emotion from SOA in a long time like that.

I like that Jax pulled everything off with Pope, the guns etc. So, they're moving towards legal businesses but at what cost?
Reply Rain
4:30 PM on December 6, 2012 
I have to admitt I really don't feel sorry for Tara. She had mor than one chance to get away, she didn't leave. She had it comming. Anyway, what was she thinking - that Otto would say abrakadabra and make Reko go away? Nothing comes without blood when SAMCRO is involved, she should know that by now.

Dogfights gave me nightmares. crazy, he? Gmma putz a gun to a baby' head and I sleep finde - but as soon as a dog is involved....I really couldn't watch that scene. And it's not the fighting part, I can watch shows about wild animals having leadership-fights and killng each other. it's the fact that humans force the dogs to fight that makes me puke.
But then again I'm gratefull that utter showed us that scene - because Tig was really sweet there!

By the way, i don't think Gemma rated. She threatens and lies - but she won't rat. Not really her style...

th way Jay huged and kissed the others remidned me of Clay. In the beginning I loved that about Clay. Now I think it#s manipulation. And Jax only deos it to keep them close.

I still feel sorry for the way things ended for Clay. I really liked him in the first season. I have to remind myself that he killed Piney and that he became a really big ass. (I don't blame him for Tara's hand, her fault, she should have left before that..sorry, I just can't stand her...)

Well, 9 months of waiting. But isn't Spartacus supposed to return soon? Love that show too.

Oh, and there was a scene at Raising Hope with Phil and some kids. Cute :)

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