Bye Bye, Opie

Posted by Invizzle fo' shizzle on October 7, 2012 at 9:40 PM

   By the time I sat my ass down to watch this episode, I thought I was ready to deal the fact that I'm not going to be seeing Opie's epic beard or his beanie ever again. As usual, I was wrong. I didn't cry, but I did choke up when I saw Bobby put that beanie in his hands. I already miss Opie. 

       What the hell was the deal with all the Ashley Tisdale hype? Bitch was on the show for less than 10 minutes, and that's for both episodes. She got the fuck beat out of her and she fell off of Jax's bike, that was it. She had 3 lines. I at least expected her infamous duck face to make an appearance, but alas, it was absent. Duck face is what defines Ashley Tisdale, that's her fucking signature. 

     It has gotten to the point where I cannot even watch whenever the women come on screen. I am so sick of this cat fighting shit, I fast forward whenever the female characters have scenes together. I know that there are some women who act like that and feel they have to be in each other's faces all the time, and yeah that's kind of realistic (not the beat downs or getting arrested part but the constant drama) but the thing is, nobody fucking likes it when women do that. That is the least attractive trait that women have and I hate that there is so much of that shit on this show.  That story line has not been entertaining since the first season. They need a new one for the women.
     Whenever there are scenes in which Jax is sitting at the head of the table, it seems like he's having trouble selling himself as the new president of SAMCRO. It might be his youth, but I don't think that's it. It's like he's begging for their approval, rather than commanding their obedience. Clay never had to do that.  Kurt Sutter said that the reason we have Ron Perlman as Clay is because of the type of presence he has. He feels like a king, and when I go back and watch older seasons of this show, I can see that too. It's in his voice, it's in his face and the way he carries himself. In the beginning, when the club was more whole than it was when Clay got shot, when Clay spoke, no one argued with him. They would ask him questions, but when the King spoke, his men were silent. Jax does not have that, and he does not command as much respect.  I love how Kurt Sutter is showing us this. He has Jax sitting at one end of that table, trying to be the King but falling short, having has decisions questioned, and then we have the fallen King right across from him questioning his every move as well.  I love that Clay challenged Jax. Charlie Hunnam said this is going to be the season where Jax becomes more humble and mature and that he's going to see how hard it is to do Clay's job.  I'm glad that we're starting to see that. 
    As much as I've always hated on Jax the character, I've always admired Charlie's portrayal of Jax. When season 1 started, we saw the prince being the prince. He was a flirt, he was cocky, and he was a brat. Today, he's still a fucking brat, not as cocky, but he's turned into a douche bag. That's what princes are supposed to be. It annoyed me then and it irks the shit out of me now. Having said that, I want to see how Jax evolves, especially after the death of Opie.  I don't think Jax will ever stop being a douche, but I am very interested to see what he turns into.

      The problem I have with this season is there is not enough action from the other guys. Yeah, it is true they've been through some awful shit. Our Tiggy has been traumatized and Opie is dead, but all of that has been pushed into the background so that we have to suffer through all of Jax's family shit . I really hope they get all this Wendy/Tara/Gemma/Abel/Jax crap figured out soon because I'm growing bored with all that drama. I want to see more of our favorite guys being the bikers that they are instead of used as  props for the Jax and Tara show.  
    What I wanted to see with this episode, and what I am hoping to see with future episodes is the effect that Opie's death has had on the rest of the club. To me, it seems like losing such a huge (literally, dude was like 6'5) member of the club was downplayed, like a lot.  The shit that went on with the hooker and the beat downs was just noise and filler. It was not club shit and it was unimportant. I wanted to see more club shit.  
   As I was watching the guys do the whole Egyptian thing and give Dead Opie things to keep with him in his coffin in case he needs them in Biker Heaven, I started thinking of  The Sopranos for some reason.  There were fuck loads of deaths in The Sopranos. but for some reason the death of Jackie Aprile Jr. popped into my head. He was such a minor character, and the guy was a fucktard, but his death effected so many families in so many ways that when it happened, it was brought out in front and it showed how all these families were dealing with that death. I expected such a thing to happen on this episode of Sons, but it didn't.  Opie's death was supposed to be a game changer, but it just didn't feel like that. I guess not yet anyways.  
   Opie dying made me realize that, even though we don't see enough of them, the other guys are the heart of SAMCRO, and I want to start seeing more of them because we don't have that much time left in this series, or for them. Any one of the guys could be next. 


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Reply Rain
11:32 AM on October 8, 2012 
By the way, who do you think gave up Nero nd his girls? I don't think that girl they took out of town did it...she didn't seem to be stupid enough to rat and stay in town...
Reply DS
12:37 PM on October 8, 2012 
You're right about Ron's presence. Clay had years of being the president before season 1 so seeing the brat prince trying to act like grown is tiring.

Ok, if Nero gave up the whorehouse why would he then tell Jax and Chibs about where the Disney princess is? The madam gave up that intel to the vatos. Unless they're in it together.

When I rewatched the episode, I did fast forward through the chick shit. I was starting to hope that Wendy takes Abel, legally, cause if she's in the 30% of addicts that don't relpase, she's a million times better that Beavis and Butthead Teller.

I think Opie's death as a game changer is a slow burn and it'll take awhile to see change. In the timeline, it had only been about 12 from his death to seeing them riding in the opening scene.
Reply Laurasia
2:47 PM on October 9, 2012 
First off, I think that it was definitely the madam who gave up the intel...but that aspect of the show doesn't really concern me that much.

I completely hear what you are saying about all of the Jax/Tara/Gemma family drama...but i think that this shit has been brewing since the very beginning of series & we are all going to learn just why sometime this season. Finally!

Here's my reasoning......Through all my years of being a huge fan of the show I've always had a nagging suspicion about something big. That, whether he realizes it or not, Clay is actually Jax's biologocial father & that that was a big part of the what went down with him, Gemma, & JT. (Gemma DEFINITELY knows in any case.) Through all the years of the show i've yet to see anything that would dissuade from that being the case either. And during this last episode when Jax made his big speech to Tara about Abel NEVER needing to know who his biological mother really is I only felt, more than ever, that my suspicions are true.

I think that this is the reason that Clay was left alive, even though his character isn't really doing anything more than replacing Piney as "the old man" right now. At some point during this season (like when the birth certificates from Clay's safe come to light after being stolen in the home invasion at the start of the season ;)), the truth about Jax's own paternity is going to come out & the shit with all of them is really going to hit the fan. And he is going to realize that hiding the truth from your kids only leads to a huge shit storm like his own life has become. He's going to have to grow up & man-up to his son.

And as far as Tig goes...Jax REALLY needs to let him know that he is not truly rolling over in regards to Pope. I mean if you look at things from Tig's point of view it's not going to be long before he feels as though Jax is just sweeping what happened to Dawn under the rug. And I think we all know what will happen then...he's going to snap & go rogue again. And rightfully so.

And what the hell happened to Fawn anyway? Are we really to believe that Tig was comfortable with just letting her boyfriend (who Tig knows nothing about) take her God-knows-where? I would think that Tig would want to know exactly where she just for his own piece of mind. i had honestly expected her (& perhaps her boyfriend) to be holed up at the clubhouse for safe keeping. I had expected that, through Fawn, we were going to learn exactly what Dawn had needed the 12k for last season. Who knows we still may. But with her out in the breeze like she is I'm concerned that Tig is going to be subject to even more tragedy regarding one of his kids. For example, what if her boyfriend is connected to Pope? Tig never did tell Fawn that it was Pope who had killed her sister afterall. What if she ends up somehow going to him without ever knowing the danger involved in that?

I really hate to say this because I do love Tig's character so much but, depending on how quickly Kurt moves through his storyline, I don't think that he has very much longer with all of us after everything that has happened. I think that as soon as Pope can be killed (preferrably by Tig) our Tigger is going to self-desctruct in a big way. Hey, he might even take Clay with him if someone else doesn't get to him first.

Those are just my thoughts on where the season is possibly going anyway...only time will tell if any of it is accurate.
Reply Invizzle fo' shizzle
2:53 PM on October 9, 2012 
You could be right about the Clay thing. Who knows, right? Hopefully Tigger will stick with us throughout the series. I've a feeling that once Tig goes, the show will lose a big part of what makes it so interesting. We already don't see enough of the other guys as it is, and that's my complaint with the family drama shit. To be honest, I really don't give two fucks about Jax and his family, I really don't. It's gotten to be repetitive and boring. I hate to say it, but if Tig dies then my interest in this show will wane, big time. It will be hard to watch without him, what with the cat fights and Jax's brattiness. I'm just sayin'. I don't think that Tig will self destruct when he kills Pope. Hopefully he doesn't. I think it might give him closure knowing that killed the man who tortured his daughter. Tig only self destructs when he kills someone who doesn't deserve to die.
Reply Laurasia
3:59 PM on October 9, 2012 
@ Invizzle fo' shizzle:

I certainly hope that Tig doesn't self-destruct after taking care of Pope. But if the possible familial shit between Jax, Clay, & Gemma doesn't end in Clay's death it may very well be Tiggy who takes Clay out. It was Clay's betrayal & manipulation after all which led to Dawn's death.
Reply Rain
4:41 PM on October 9, 2012 
When they start discussing Jax biological father in the show and start more family-drama with that - I'm gone. There are enough Daily Soaps. I don't need more of that in SoA...
Reply DS
4:59 PM on October 9, 2012 
Clay being Jax's dad has been something I've been pondering since you saw Gemma burn that shotgun wedding photo. It was like she was ashamed of that picture knowing that Clay was giving that creepy look. All I have to say on that is that if Maury comes in with an manila envelope I'm going to run. Sorry, that shouldn't be any kind of focus of the show. Bikers, Bimbos and being bad ass.
Reply Invizzle fo' shizzle
5:09 PM on October 9, 2012 
I think Kurt Sutter has said many times before that there will be a final stand off between Jax and Clay, and that Jax killing Clay and changing the club is Jax's ultimate story arc. I have a feeling that Kurt could have just had Pope kill Tig but he didn't, he had Pope kill Dawn instead because we still need Tigger for something. I don't think that will play out in this season, maybe the next one. Hopefully not until season seven though. Since this show is loosely based on Hamlet and we've already lost our Polonius (Piney) and our Ophelia (Opie) I have a feeling that Tig is going to be Laertes. It's just a hunch, but I think Tig is Laertes on the account of Clay (Claudius) always using Tig and Claudius used Laertes to kill Hamlet in the play.

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