Darth(y) Rises!

Posted by Cat on November 28, 2012 at 2:45 AM

Meow! Cat here, doin' the blog for 512 at Inviz's request. Hope I do this justice!

While it's temptin' to jump ahead and talk about 513, I won't go there. At least not now. Teasers/previews are always edited by the network for the most shock effect for one. For two, sometimes I tend to be an optimist, so until He Whose Name Makes Our Page Actually (ulp!) dies, I'll believe in miracles (hey, I'm a Preacher's Kid, so it kinda comes with the territory!).

Darthy basically means a life altering event. What wasn't Life alterin' in this episode? Holee changeling, Batman! The whole damn epi was a life altering event!

Clay has lost his patch, and but for one 'Nay', he would've met Mr. Mayhem/Mr. Reaper. This is somethin' that a friend of mine across the pond known as Cavey says gets on his tits. It gets on mine too. Which nickname is Death, fellas? One week it's Mr. Mayhem, the next Mr. Reaper, then back again. I'm gettin' whiplash! The smackdown Jaxass gave Clay as he was comin' back to the clubhouse was pretty much a given. We all know the lad has a temper, and it certainly erupted like Mt. Vesuvius this epi. If he wasn't shoutin' at people, he was actin' out. Granted, he's pissed at Clay for killin' his da, and tryin' to kill his fiance. Thanks to Bobby's negative vote, Clay's life was spared meetin' Mr. Mayhem Reaper. Therefore, Jaxass had to settle for beatin' the shit outta his stepdad. So much for 'honor thy father', eh?

That Clay could remain so stoic about losin' his patch says a lot for the man. Hate him some might for what he did to Gemma and Tara last season, and for bringin' the renegade Nomads in to fuck with Jaxass' presidency, y'all gotta give props to a man who can hold his pain and heartache at arm's length until he is all alone and able to give vent to it. Kudos to Ron Perlman for that pearl of actin'. It was a small scene, but it was full of impact. I doubt we'll EVER see Jaxass with that kind of control.

Pope. There is somethin' about Jaxass's comment to Pope's lieutenant that has me wonderin'. The lieutenant has been Pope's go - to man for 17 years. That's loyalty "or patience". Pope is one minute poopin' on the idea of revenge, then remindin' Jaxass that he (Pope) has an agenda where Tig is concerned? Hello, McFly! Anybody home? Is anyone else as bothered by that as yours truly? Then Pope goes and spills to the cartel about Clay bein' out of the club, while Jaxass and crew are bartering the next to the last gun deal between the Irish and the cartel. Does this mean that Pope is a dope for the cartel? What business was it of Pope to rat that news to the cartel in the first place? Hmmm.

Bean - Ni^&$%??? For real? Is that an Irish derogatory slang term? Only reason I ask is that my ancestors never used such a phrase.

So here we are in the shed doin' the gun deal, and guns start blazin' and a couple of Mexicans get killed. Methinks Bobby nearly bit the bullet, had somebody not shot a Mexican. Bobby certainly looked like he nearly shit his pants! Bullets are flyin', the cartel gets the upper hand, and the Irish are pissed.

So when SAMCRO feels like a target, they and everyone associated with them go on lockdown. We saw that in Season 1 and 2, then again this Season. The problem I have with lockdown like that is when the family members and associated businesses are swept away to the compound. Again, these are people with businesses outside the club's influence or only associated with the club via money. I'm not sure Nero was happy that his Diosa venture had to shut down and relocate. Perhaps it is normal, but it certainly can be problematic in the 'real' world of business.

Meanwhile, Tara gives her statement with Lowen present. Due to the possibility of going away for some time as an accessory for murder, Lowen does the right thing in gettin' Tara to think about a plan for the boys 'in case'. Smart thing, Tara doesn't want Mama Gemma the Stoner to be the boys' guardian. It's also questionable that the county would let the boys stay with Jaxass, who is a felon. That leaves Abel's birth momma, who has been clean and sober for some time now. She's turned her life around, and Tara sees Wendy as the lesser of the evils.

But Jaxass, for whatever reasons he has (maybe he just can't let go of the fact that Wendy did drugs while carryin' Abel and the poor kid nearly died), doesn't like the idea of Wendy having contact with the kid. Tara has green lighted, but that's not good enough. He intends to talk to her outside the hospital. Here come the Irish and take Wendy away, demanding nearly a half mil for her safe return.

Nero to the rescue! I swear, if pussy salvation is THAT lucrative, I'm about ready to become a frackini' companionator meself! The man's a walkin' bank vault! It's nice to have friends like that, and he makes the money available to free Wendy. She's upset upon her return, having learned of the kidnappin'. Hell, it might be ancient history to Jaxass and Tara, it's brand new to Wendy! No wonder she freaks.

So Clay has to return any and every momento he has that has the Reaper image on it. That's a lot of stuff, but he and Juicy get it all packed. Juicy gets a call from Jax, wonder what that's all about? Another chance for Juicy to earn the club's trust by offin' Clay? Meanwhile, back at the clubhouse, Tig gets a call from Jax. Notice that Tiggy was doin' SAA work? Callin' the families about lockdown, takin' Wendy home, gettin' the dope for Jaxass? Is Jaxass settin' Tig up by makin' him feel needed?

Just about the time I think that Sutter can't freak me out (and after the death by crucifix scene, that was freaky enough), he pushes the envelope with another one. Jaxass deliberately injects Wendy, a recoverin' dope addict, with a dose of the very shit that she has been tryin' to stay away from! THAT I have some trouble with. It shows how completely and totally like Clay Jaxass has become. Unless Wendy can really fight it off, her monkey has just hopped another ride on her back. Sure, addicts fall off the wagon from time to time, but Jesus Christ! Usually they do it to themselves, not have it done for them!

I have a feelin' that sometime in a future far away, the actions that Jax took in this episode are goin' to be examined by his boys, and his boys are NOT gonna be proud. If this episode is any indication of the man John Teller intended to be, then Sutter has really given us a mind fuck. His manuscript certainly doesn't read as vicious and nasty as Jax became.

The use of 'The Whistler' by White Buffalo during the end scenes (Clay gettin' his Reaper tats blackened, Wendy gettin' needled) was chillin'. I had a flashback to Charles Bronson's character Harmonica in Once Upon a Time...In the West. If you've not heard the music, check it out sometime. Hauntin'.

OK, enough of this kitteh's hissin'. Sorry if this was waay long. Figured I'd just air my thoughts since I don't have any witty videos to share.

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Reply DS
6:23 AM on November 28, 2012 
What the Irish said the bean n word, that is slang that is used around Cali unfortunately. Some racists see Mexicans a step higher than the black community. It's vile but true.
I was really sick to my stomach watching this one. Jax is fucking with the characters I love. Ok, we love. Jax has turned from douchy little prick into a full on asshole.

Clay, damn. I hate what he's done. His actions killed some decent people and did it for all the wrong reasons. But that was heart breaking watching him getting the ink blacked out. And that gun that he gave Juice is going to play a part in something bad.
What Jax did to Wendy was deplorable. I wanted to stab him with the needle. My mom, who just finished wants to punch him in the face.

Really, the CG is laughable. Clay's ink getting blacked out. It's like watching the Walking dead.

After seeing next week's promo, I think I'm not going to eat before viewing and have my prayer beads to calm me and my heart. My poor heart was doing a samba.
Reply TheScotIzHot
10:58 AM on November 28, 2012 
I think some of the guys are already examining Jax's actions. Chibs looked upset a couple episodes back, he had a similar face that harked back to when that bastard Jimmy was still alive. Also, Bobby knows Jax is going down that path to becoming Clay.
Reply Invizzle fo' shizzle
8:12 PM on November 30, 2012 
I'm trying not to get my hopes up for next week. Sutter can be a nasty mofo when it comes to this shit.

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