"Throw in Your Sweet Ass Ride and We've Got a Deal, Mr. Pope"

Posted by Invizzle fo' shizzle on October 31, 2012 at 10:20 PM


    I don't know about y'all but If I were throwing one of my bros under the bus and doing business with the guy who torched his daughter while making my poor homie watch that shit, I would have had him throw in the Rollls too. I mean shit, if that motherfucker can afford to have a $5M "revenge prize" as part of his life insurance policy, he can sure as shit afford to part with that swagnificent car. And a Bentley. Damon Pope's rich ass could afford to throw in a Bentley too. 

    Something tells me that even if the club voted down this new business venture with Pope,  Jax would still have gone out on his own and done it anyway.  I was suprised that didn't happen. I love the turmoil on Tig's face when he was about to vote and I'm pretty sure Tig felt like punching Jax in the face right then. It's bad enough that this idea was even brought to the table, but Jax twisting Tig's arm and forcing to vote yes on this is not sitting well with Tig, and you could see it on his face. I think Tig capping the guard's wife was his way of acting out. He knows he'll never get to avenge Dawn's death as long as Jaxhole is forcing to be a good dog, so being as violent as possible in the tasks that Jax assigns to him is his way of satisfying his need to hurt something and numb his pain.  Kim Coates did such a great job showing us that pain.


   This week's Gemma drama was almost kind of cool. That crazy bitch shooting herself in the bedroom was pretty interesting, although really fucked up. The only thing is, I stopped paying attention whenever Gemma was talking to Nero. Dora the Whora was his sister, did I hear that right? And that weird bitch was in love with him? Huh? Did they go where Jax almost went with Trinity? Like I said, I stopped paying attention. I've actually been doing that a lot this season.


   Wives and girlfriends are not safe on this show, and I was not surprised when Rita bit it. I liked Rita, but I don't think I'll miss her. The death of the guard's wife was just cool. That was such an awesome scene. Graphic, but awesome. We're up to 7 dead wives and girlfriends. I'm betting we'll hit 20 by the end of the series.


   The fact that Clay's and the Nomads are behind the home invasions was not a shock to me. In fact I totally called that shit. I mean, if I were a devious motherfucker like Clay and I'd be usurped by the brat I'd be doing anything I could to get the gavel back too. It's interesting that Jax is slowly turning into Clay, so even if Clay gets the gavel back (he won't) the club is no worse off.  Either way, they've got a greedy, increasingly violnet leader who has one foot out the door. It's a lose lose situation for SAMCRO.

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Reply DS
1:05 PM on November 1, 2012 
Dora was his half sister and a junkie that Nero found, got clean and she helped him in the escort business. I think the only part of the Gemma/Nero shit was Gemma sitting at the foot of the bed with phone in hand saying hope you're happy bitch.

That car of Pope's is an ego booster. And egotistical car for an egotistical man. I'm surprised Jax doesn't have one yet.

I want to think that Tig shooting the wife was an act of defiance towards Jax. I'll vote your way but I'm going to do this.
Reply Cat
1:40 AM on November 8, 2012 
I'm glad others saw the difficulty Tig was having with the vote. He HAD to vote in favor, that is the price he had to pay for being alive. But he was shaking his head the entire time, like he was tryin' to let the others know that he wasn't truly in favor of it.
I also agree that Jax is becoming more like Clay than JT. He has secrets from the club, agendas of his own. We've lost four club members already under Jaxass's rule (Opie, Go-go, Greg the Peg and now Freddie Diamonds). Frankly, I only miss the first three. Didn't have a lot invested in Chuck Zito; I think Sutter threw him a bone because he felt kinda sorry for the guy in the long run after all the dick measurin' was done.
Guess it's not unusual for half and step siblings to have crushes...Gawd knows I had a crush on one of my male cousins when I was much younger. Never acted on it.
Frankly, that car of Pope's looks like a pimped out Chrysler 300 body to me. Just sayin'.

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