Use Yer Big Boy Voice, Jax!

Posted by Invizzle fo' shizzle on November 13, 2012 at 3:50 PM

  Because of weird work hours on Tuesday nights, I haven't been watching SOA on the nights it airs (in case you haven't noticed from the fact that I'm like, not blogging).    I'm still 2 or 3 episodes behind on SoA and I hate to admit it, but I haven't really been tripping over myself to get caught up. From what I have been hearing on Twitter and from some of Tignation's loyal members, the show has become the Gemma show and has gotten weird and Jax is more of an insufferable asshole than before. I'm in the middle of 5.07 and right now, and have been for about a week. I've just been kind of "meh" about SOA. That's kind of sad. 

   One question though, anyone else notice that Jax is trying to talk in a deeper voice since this season began? He's totally trying to make himself sound more dangerous and to me, that's hiliarious. When he talks it reminds me of that "Jizz in My Pants " song  by Lonely Island becuase Jaxhole's voice sounds just like that.  And what's with what he told Gemma in 5.07? "I was glad Thomas was dead because then I'd have you all to myself".  Mmmmmkay,, a teenage boy that still wants to keep his mommy to himself? That's totally not weird and/or pathetic, right?

   So even though I haven't been watching or catching up, I'm still worrying about Tigger. As many have pointed out that this is indeed a blog dedicated to that weird fucker and I'll be pissed if Jax  does what he told Pope he was going to do and throw him under the bus. It makes me scared to start watching again  I hear the little king has gottten darker *smirks* since I last saw him. 

Since I haven't been watching and I hate surprises I am going to make this a spoiler thread. Tell me what's been going on in SoA, what your thoughts are  and we can have a discussion on that. 


And here's that Lonely Island song. We all need to laugh

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Reply Cat
2:17 AM on November 21, 2012 
I'm still watachin' 'To Thine Own Self', on the third airin' as I type. Really should be writin' somethin' else, but wanted to drop a few lines here.

Jax is tryin' to be Da Prez, and has a hidden agenda, which is to get Clay for killin' Piney and tryin' to kill Tara. Also for killin' his da. He feels that everything that has happened to the club since they got out of Stockton. That's a heavy load to put on Clay, but there it is. Now Clay is also indirectly/directly at fault for the death of Opie. It's the old If not for/that wouldn't have happened.

Yes, Pope is wantin' Tig back in jail, but I'm not sure if that is goin' to happen. For one, we know that when Jax says he'll make somethin' happen, he's lyin' through his teeth. While I'm not lookin' for Sutter to repeat the Stahl deal, I am holdin' out hope that Sutter is not goin' to kill off one of his very popular characters.

Tig and Clay had an interesting talk today, and while some on the twitterverse are thinkin' that our boy's days are numbered because he hasn't been prominently featured in the latest episodes, and that his one liners and quirks have been missin'. I don't use that as a barometer. There were a lot of times in other seasons where Tig and others were nominally used. Tonight's communique between Tig and Clay was part of what makes us love our boy. "You wanna have a quality of life talk?" was a great Tigism. Tig still holds Clay responsible for the lie that led him to accidentally kill Pope's daughter and resulted in the toasty death of Dawn/Margaux. Tig is not the type to forget somethin' like that, even with all the love he might've felt for Clay. You could see that in his eyes.

Yet, I can't help bein' scared by that smacker Jaxass applied to Tig's cheek. Why am thinkin' along the lines of the Mafia kiss of death? It didn't seem to have the love to it that Chibs' peck had.

Thank GAWD the 'Gemma' show has taken a back burner. While I understand that Gem has had a rough road back from the smackdown Clay put on her, and I love Katey as an actress, there was a little too much Gem, and not enough Sons. This episode brought the testosterone levels back where they belong.

As for Donal Logue's character in the rest of this season, I love the way he does chill. The smackdown he put on Otto was epic, and having him quietly follow Tara and the boys made me shiver. This is what Sutter needed to do, take the reigns back a bit and make the show what keeps us tunin' in.

Incidentally, how sick a fuck am I for callin' last week's death of the prison infirmary nurse by Otto via crucifix one of the most disturbin' uses of a crucifix/cross since The Exorcist?

We don't have many more epis left. I am holdin' out hope for our boy, Tig., to endure. Life as we know it without that sick little pervert we all hate to love would be so less enjoyable.
Reply DS
6:21 PM on November 21, 2012 
Jax was raised one way and that was the violence and intimidation from Clay. So, you do what you know. So, yeah

I've been peering onto the different SOA sites and have been seeing the fear for Tig due to the trailer for next week. And people seem to forget that the idea of the teaser trailer is to pull people in. OMG Tig is going to die next week! Jax is going to serve him to Pope. Aaaahhhhh. If anyone is going to take a dirt nap, it's Juice. Bobby's written him off, Chibs's heart is broken and Clay knows that Juice found the safe files and the little nitwit forgot to put the vent back the way he found it.

Pretty much it is all Clay's fault. If that old bastard didn't talk to the Mexicans back in Stockton, the cartel wouldn't be such a pain in the ass for the club. Miles, Piney, Tara's hand, Dawn and Opie wouldn't be dead. Clay would still be Prez, Jax would be up north with Tara and the show would be boring at shit.

Jax is about to blow up. He wants Clay dead. He watched his sanity die when Opie did and that whole nomad thing. Everything is pissing off Jax. Even Bobby is pissing him off. Jax may turn into the child who screams in the store cause mamma won't give him what he wants.

From what I'm gathering, Donal's character is the brother of the nurse Otto killed. Which isn't too far from real life. If anything, watch it when Donal beats the shit out of Otto. I think fans have been wanting to do that to Sutter since, at least, Opie's death.

Lastly, before I start making pumpkin cheesecake for Turkey day, when watching Jax's shity driving skills, I had the Allstate good drivers commercial in my head. Someone isn't getting an accident free bonus check.

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