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Anyone else a little disappointed at the showdown between Gemma and Tara?

Anyone else have trouble keeping up with who knows what about whom?

Who is going to rescue Chibs? How is Lyla? Will Abel be scarred for life?


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I think Tara show some restraint because of the boys.

The lack of people looking for Chibs annoys me. It's like Jax says, Chibs will be fine and no one goes out looking.

Juice is as good as dead. Telling Clay all that, Clay is going to use that and Juice is a gonner.

I think some people would be upset that Jax is making Gemma whore herself to get intel on Clay but I don't care. Yes, in the second season she was brutaly raped but she didn't bring that upon herself. All this crap is all her doing.

The scar Lyla is going to have is going to limit her prettiness for the camera. I think after she got shot I wondered what would Opie do if he were there. Probably next to nothing but he would have a scowl.

Looks like next week Clay is going to try and kill Frankie before Jax and co can. I think that I'm going to sift through and see who knows what.


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