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Discuss the ninth episode of season 5 here oh fuck it why bother... I hven't seen it so I'm kind of meh....


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Let me save you the time, Frankie told Juice that Clay is an asshole, then Frankie died. Gemma made a speech about bullshit and she is still alive. Jax took off his shoes and figured out that Juice must be the guy who is the current crimes on the Rico case and Jax is stalking him. Chibs was found, off screen, by a trucker. Otto grabbed himself in front of Tara cause Kurt has issuses that need therapy not a tv show an next week looks like lights out for Juice. Which will bring the death toll for patched members being dead to 5. Oh Tig said some stuff and Happy kicked some ass.


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DS gave you the reader's digest condensed version. :D


I've already put my views of SOA taking a page from General Hospital and turning into the Gemma Show (like GH was the Sonny show for awhile).


The scenes with Otto and Tara in the prison infirmary were tense. Frankly, the sick puppy in me really thought Otto was gonna take a page outta Tig's repretoire and bite Tara's wrist artery. Then, when he was gonna jerk off while she held his head, I was literally waitin' for him to pull a shiv outta his pants.


I would've liked to have seen more about tryin' to find Chibs myself. He's third rankin' in the club, and deserved more than just a mention, IMO.


Clay did his usual thing of tryin' to keep his secrets from the club, and poor Juice is the monkey in the middle. Now that Jax has figured out who has given up the club to the Feds, I fear that Juicy's days are numbered. Juice knows that Clay was responsible for the nomads doin' the home invasions, but whether that information gets to the club is hard to tell.


I still believe in the art that is Sutter, but it's gettin' really Twilight Zonish.


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Jax gave Abel cookies for breakfast. I don't have kids myself, but, I would never allow them cookies for breakfast. Diabetes, anyone? Jesus H Christ, i know he almost died but that kid is going to grow up a spoilt brat.

I fear for Juice, but at the same time he was in a WTF Sutter episode on Youtube and Kurt said they were just wrapping up episode 13, i think.


I just want shit to hit the fan with Clay and it be done already. Are we really going to have 2 more seasons of Jax vs. Clay? I was all for this at one point but now it's like "ugh, finish it already!"


We got to see Quinn, which i was quite happy about. I like seeing other members.

Not seen the Cartel lately, whas going on with them? And no Pope this episode, he's gone kinda quiet.


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Wait, GH has stopped being the Sonny show? Seriously, that's why I stopped watching. Give me Another World and Santa Barbara any day.

I forgot about the cookies until I went on tumblr and saw the shitload of gifs. What's freaky is my neighbor's kid looks too much like the twins who play Abel. Same hair, age and really close to the voice.

Also forgot that Chibs winked. That right there is a very important plot detail.


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