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I'm glad we actually got to see the guys shooting and being a bit ad-ass this week. And Nero with a gun - hr grows on me every week.


Oh Juice. Nothing seems to go right for you does it?

I think that the character Donal Logue plays is the dead nurse's husband. At first, when he was beating the crap out of Otto I didn't have a fucking clue what was going on, but then when he was in the hospital and watching Tara it sort of clicked. Nothing worse than a person seeking revenge, and it seems he's blood thirsty to boot.


Anyone think Clay knows Gemma isn't 100% all there with him? Maybe he's so blinded by the Queen of Lies that he really thinks there is a chance.


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Can we say brother cause husband really creeps me out since that actress that played the doomed nurse is Donal's sister. I know Kurt has a hard on for inscest but egh.

Yeah Juice has become the universes bitch, nothing is going right for him. Yeah he screwed up but ratting to Potter but come on, anyone can see Juice is an easy target. I'm still waiting for him to die though.

Love Jax's shitty driving. And that wagon kept moving.

When Unser dies, I am seriously going to tear up. He's such a good character and Dayton Callie plays him so well.

Before I got my current glasses, I wore those KD's that Tommy/Chibs is wearing. Those things are awesome, if you don't leave them near a heat source. Problem with KD's is that they're plastic and the frames can warp. I worse those at night too and they really cut down the bright lights from the car headlights. 

Clay reactions to Nero really proves to me that he's going to gank him by season's end. Clay loves Gemma, you can see that and hear it in his voice but he has the worst ways of proving it. When Gemma said she loved Nero, I couldn't believe her. I doubt she knows what love is. I know Nero loves her and cares for Jax since he killed some of his old crew.

Tig's convo with Clay was unsettleling, strange, not right. It felt like two ex's trying to talk which is true. I would like to see whatever Clay is trying to plan and if Tig bites, granted Tig lives through the season.

And next week, we get Dave Narvaro playing Nero's cousin. Okay, how are they going to make him looks less pretty. If I saw a vato looking like Dave, I would laugh.


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DS, did y'all laugh at Navarro? :)


And Sutter continued the spirit of 'incest is best'! The nurse and the fed are bro/sis!


Ride to Live/Live to Ride!

Purrs and Whisker Kisses,


Thanks to Sisko for the rockin' illustration!

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